Powerdot vs. Compex: Which is the better electrical muscle simulation device?

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Muscle pain is part of any workout regime. You cannot run away from it but you can heal from it. Over the years as a fitness trainer I have worked with various electrical simulation devices each promising fast muscle recovery. ENS and TENS tend to be the most popular but are out of the reach of most people.

However, workout enthusiasts now have access to mobile electrical simulation devices that you can be controlled from an app. The FDA has tested the devices hence making them safe for use.

In this video, we want to go in-depth into the key differences between these electrical muscle stimulation devices. You will find the links to the two products in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user review.

So, the main difference between the Powerdot and Compex is ease of operation

The Powerdot is very portable and connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. From there you get a host of features at your disposal. The device will help in muscle relaxation hence reduce pain. The Powerdot takes you less than five minutes to setup and the app is very straightforward to understand. You have access to various stimulation programs to choose from. The Powerdot connects through two electrodes with a cable. The Compex comes with the main unit and eight diodes in sets of four. It also comes with a docking station for charging. The electrodes are adhesive in nature hence will easily attach to your skin. The problem is it takes some learning to understand how the device works.


The Powerdot use of an app makes it the easiest to use. The Compex resistance protocol was a bit complicated to understand and use but we did like the fact that it comes with nine separate nodes.

Mobile app
Attachment of nodes
Sticky pads
Adhesive nodes
Takes less than 5 minutes
Number of electrodes

The Powerdot EMS is the simplest to use due to its use of a mobile app. It also transmits data through Bluetooth hence eliminating cables.

Powerdot – Overview & Features

The Powerdot is a Bluetooth enabled device that helps your muscle recover faster. The device fits at the palm of your hand and is mostly used for fitness enthusiasts. The Powerdot is FDA cleared meaning it is absolutely safe to use and been wireless is not bulky. It works by sending electrical stimulation to your aching muscles hence helping the muscles contract. The best part about the device is that it is very easy to setup – took us five minutes. You have an easy to use app that will guide you on its operation. The device is designed to help in recovery during workouts like resistance, explosive strength and endurance. It will also work on a tight back and ankle pain. The device consists of two electrodes that are connected to the area experiencing pain.


  • Easy to setup
  • Wireless
  • Cleared by the FDA
  • Helps in muscle contraction hence relieving pain


  • Many people are skeptical on how it works

Compex – Overview & Features

The compex is a compact EMS device that you can connect to your smartphone and control it through an app. It has been approved by the FDA as safe for use in relieving muscle pain. The device will help athletes and body builders in honing explosive strength, boosting V02 max, increasing muscle strength and recovery. Operation of the device is through nine separate modes. Some are used for pre-warm up, others for endurance and strength. You can choose the intensity of the nodes on a scale of 0 to 100. Once you have charged the nodes you simply attach them to the area of the body experiencing pain. The nodes are wireless so you do not have to worry about entanglement.


  • Nine separate nodes
  • Wireless hence no issues of wire entanglement
  • Placement guide to help you out
  • Does not require one to plug it to anything


  • Complex to operate

Verdict: So, which is the best EMS – Powerdot or Compex?

Powerdot is our winner due to its sleek design and ease of use. The mobile app shortens the learning curve and you should be using the device in less than 5 minutes. The recovery time on it is also impressive and you should experience positive results after every workout.

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