Mass gainer vs. weight gainer: Which is better for skinny guys?

Hey, This is Jeremy from Fit Labs and Welcome to our in-depth comparison of the Mass gainer vs. weight gainer.

Weight supplements tend to be part of any workout regime. For, skinny guys the role of supplements cannot be underestimated due to their fast metabolic rates. Over the years as a workout trainer I have come across a variety of weight supplements some good and some loaded with artificial compounds that pose serious problems to the body.

In this video, we want to go in-depth into the key differences between these two supplements. You will find the links to the two products in the description, and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user review.

So, the main difference between the mass gainer and weight gainer is the protein and carb content

Skinny guys tend to have high metabolic rates and therefore need to supplement their diets with extra calories so that they retain more than they burn. To get that perfect well-toned muscled body skinny guys have to build mass. Weight gainers are there to enhance weight gain as they are rich in carbs and fat. Due to the high carbohydrate content and low protein the skinny guy will gain more calories than they lose. Typical weight gainers tend to add 700 to 1000Kcal of calories.

The mass gainer is specifically designed to support muscle gain. This means they have high protein content, low fat and moderate carbs. The mass gainers are mostly used for bulking. Each serving of mass gainer will typically contain 450 to 1000Kcal.

Purpose and exercises

Your purposes during a workout regime will determine what you go for. If you want to gain weight – like most skinny guys – go with the weight gainer. If on the other hand your goal is to look like the professional body builders then go with the mass gainer. When it comes to exercises those on weight gainers tend to do lighter exercises than those on mass gainers. Those who are trying to build muscle require energy to lift weights hence the high protein content.

Fiber and calorie content

The mass gainer has more protein than the weight gainers but has less concentration of carbs. This means you get more calories from the weight gainer. You will also notice that the fiber content in the mass gainer is higher as it helps in better digestion of fats and carbs.

Weight gainers – Overview & Features

The main purpose for purchasing a weight gainer is so that you can gain weight. This is especially the case for skinny guys who have high metabolic rates. The weight gainer will have a higher concentration of carbohydrates that is both turned into energy and some stored as fat. This means most people on weight gainers tend to do light exercises. The protein and fiber content is low as you do not want very fast digestive rates.


  • High in carbs
  • Help users gain weight
  • Offers more calories
  • Low fiber content to slow active digestion


  • If not flavored can be hard to swallow
Mass gainers
Weight gainers
Carbohydrates and fat content
Intensive workouts
Mild exercises
Moderate calories
High calories
Body type
Hard gainers
Build muscle mass
Gain weight
Fiber content

From the table, the weight gainer is ideal for a skinny person due to the high calorie intake as they tend to have higher metabolic rates.

Mass gainer – Overview & Features

Mass gainers are for those who gain muscle and want that bodybuilder body. Since the aim is to gain muscle the supplements will come with a considerable amount of proteins and less carbohydrates and fats. The fiber content in the mass gainers is also high hence enabling faster digestion of fats and carbs. Those who use mass gainers tend to lift heavier weights than those on weight gainers.


  • Has a high protein content
  • The high fiber content helps in the digestion fats and carbs
  • Leads to a lean muscle mass
  • Low in calorie content


  • Should be on the lookout for destructive artificial ingredients

Verdict: So, which is better – Mass gainer or weight gainers for a skinny person?

The weight gainers are the best for skinny persons who have high metabolic rate. The weight gainers are rich in carbs and have less proteins in them. Since you get more calories per serving, the excess can be stored in the body hence enabling one to gain weight.

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